Specialised Consultancy for food and gastronomy sectors

Specialised Consultancy for food and gastronomy sectors

We conduct internationalisation studies, diagnostics of marketing positioning, export range studies, strategic analysis… for institutions, sectors and companies in the agri-food sector, with special emphasis on their international presence

Diagnostics Reports on communication and positioning

Analysis of the communication and marketing situation of agri-food SME’s and proposals  for areas of improvement.

  • Personalised reports for agri-food SME’s within the framework of the APEX programme (Learning How to Export) run by ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) Read more

Studies on sector analysis and identification of export range

In-depth studies for different sectors of the Spanish agri-food industry or for a particular region, including composition and structure, operation, economic variables, markets, etc. Identification of export range with a view to increasing presence in international markets

  • Analysis of the bakery, industrial pastry and Andalusian cakes and sweets sector, EXTENDA (Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion) Read more
  • Analysis of the Spanish vinegar sector, ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) Read more

Strategic analysis for institutions and companies

Various kinds of analysis on issues affecting the international presence of sectors, products, companies … from a marketing perspective.

  • Analysis of Spanish Gastronomy as an instrument for the international promotion of the food industry, FIAB (Spanish Federation of Food and Drink Industries) Read more

Preliminary appraisals and elaboration of collective projects for promotion/internationalisation of companies and sectors

Identification of sub-sectors and joint potential, and design of specific projects aimed at facilitating synergies, increasing international presence and activities, improving image and positioning, etc., through the development of joint promotional projects.

  • Identification and analysis of the gourmet presence in the province of Cadiz, Cadiz Chamber of Commerce Read more