Huelva Chamber of Commerce

Presentation in PARIS of PDO JAMON DE HUELVA to the press and specialist buyers, 2010

The Huelva Chamber of Commerce commissioned the organising of the Launch of PDO on October 2010 in Paris.  This collaboration culminated in a launch event held in Paris, on which we worked with a French Public Relations agency, coordinated by Food Consulting. The aim was to launch Ibérico Ham covered by the PDO to the French specialised press, chefs and gourmet distribution sector.

Additionally, a tour of some of the major retails of the French gourmet segment was organised, as a means of guiding participating companies with regard to the workings of this segment

FIAB (Spanish Federation of Food and Drink Industries)

ANALYSIS of Spanish Gastronomy as an instrument for the international promotion of the Food Industry, 2004

Following a bid for tender in which several consulting companies participated; FIAB commissioned Food Consulting with this project, in collaboration with AGERON INTERNATIONAL consulting company, and in line with the methodology proposed by FC. Both the Ministry of Agriculture and ICEX participated in this study.

Objective: Succeed in making the Spanish gastronmy serves as a tool for improving the image of Spain and its products by using Spanish ingredients, and as a means of promoting sales of Spanish agri-food products abroad

Main Tasks:

  • Identify different interlocutors from diverse fields able to provide a practical contribution to the project.
  • Engage said interlocutors in the project.
  • Organise a series of meetings with experts for the purpose of “brain storming”.
  • Provide content, experience and know-how for the discussions, not only management and methodology.
  • Obtain a specific and functional Diagnosis.
  • By consenus, establish the baselines for a 5 year Strategic Course of Action for the promotion of gastronomy linked to the promotion of agri-food products.


SEMINAR “The export challenge for the Huelva meat sector” 2006, 2008 and 2009

From 2006 onwards Food Consulting designed and organised a series of seminars for the Provincial Association of Huelva Meat Industries and the Huelva Business Federation (FOE).  These were held in Aracena under the title “The export challenge for the Huelva meat sector:  Information Seminars on key issues “.  Renowned speakers gave several talks on the internationalisation of the Ibérico products sector.

These seminars took place in October/November 2006, 2008 and 2009. They aroused considerable interest among companies within the sector, who participated actively.

ASOLIVA (Association of Spanish Olive Oil Exporters)

Organization of various TRAINING PROGRAMMES on Spanish Gastronomy and Spanish Olive Oil

  • Organisation of the trip to Spain for the winner of the “Grand Prize for the Olive Oil From Spain Recipe Contest”, May 2008.
  • Organisation of a Culinary Fortnight in Spain for the winning chef of a cooking competition held within the framework of the Olive Oil Campaign undertaken in Australia, 2004.

Enviacon International


Collaboration with German consulting company Enviacon International in the organization of a research trip for a group of fruit & vegetables producers, including some members of their sectorial association. This trip was supported by the German Ministry of Agriculture.

Food Consulting’s services were required for the organization an informative session with relevant speakers, who gave presentations on subjects related to the functioning of the Spanish fruit & vegetable market; main operators; distribution channels; marketing strategies; opportunities, etc. Food Consulting also organized several guided store-checking tours as well as arranging meetings with importers and wholesalers at Mercamadrid. A networking event was also held at Mercamadrid between the German delegation and several Spanish operators.