Cadiz Chamber of Commerce

Portal de productos Gourmet de Cádiz

Development of structure and content of SPECIALISED GOURMET PRODUCTS WEB, 2010

The Cadiz Chamber of Commerce took a further step in its promotional activity with the launch of a website containing a wide range of information, in English and in Spanish, regarding the gourmet specialties of the province, aimed at buyers and enthusiasts at both the national and international level.

The Chamber commissioned Food Consulting with the development of the structure and content of this website, with the following objectives:

– Provide the gourmet product supply in Cadiz a with a solid, distinctive promotional discourse.
– Furnish general information on the different products making up the supply, injecting added value and providing marketing elements for proper positioning.
– Create a useful promotion and information tool for potential buyers, specialised press and consumers.
– Provide specific contact information for main producers and links to their websites.
– Link the gourmet product supply to the gastronomy of the province, promoting synergies between them.

Showroom productos Gourmet

Gourmet products SHOW ROOM for international buyers, 2009

Organisation of a Reverse Mission and Showroom of Gourmet Products of the Province of Cadiz, in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce, for a group of gourmet distributors from different European countries and the U.S.A.

Stufy for the Identification and Evaluation of the GOURMET PRODUCT SUPPLY OF CADIZ, 2008

Under a commission from the Cadiz Chamber of Commerce, Food Consulting undertook the following tasks in line with our own guidelines and methodology:

1. Identification of the export supply range of gourmet products from Cadiz.
2. Analysis and evaluation of the gourmet supply.
3. Recommendations for the most convenient forms of association for their promotion and/or marketing.
4. Design of a three years promotion and marketing Plan.