• Welcome to Food Consulting

    Welcome to our website. Food Consulting is a consulting company specialised in the Spanish food sector and its gourmet products.

  • International Perspective

    We provide a special focus on international projects and a connection to the world of gastronomy from a marketing and foreign trade perspective

  • Marketing and Promotional Concepts

    Design and development of promotional activities for businesses and institutions in the agri-food sector

  • Specialised Consultancy in Food and Gastronomy Sectors

    We offer specialised consultancy services for the gastronomy sector and for agri-food products, from a marketing and internationalisation perspective

  • Development of Specialised Content

    Development of specialised content for communication and media projects (internet portals, publishing houses …)

  • Specialised Training for Marketing and Internationalisation

    Design and development of specialised Seminars and Workshops along with training programmes in Spanish gastronomy


Our Services

  • Marketing and Promotional Concepts

    Starting with the client’s initial guidelines, Food Consulting designs projects centred on the marketing and promotion of Spanish food products, then organises and efficiently manages them

  • Specialised Consultancy for food and gastronomy sectors

    We conduct internationalisation studies, diagnostics of marketing positioning, export range studies, strategic analysis… for institutions, sectors and companies in the agri-food sector, with special emphasis on their international presence.

  • Development of specialised content

    Development of specific content for Spanish agri-food sectors and products for communication projects and specialised distribution (internet portals, publishing houses…), creating original copy with an appropriate structure and focus for the media in question

  • Specialised training in Marketing and Internationalisation

    Design and organisation of specialised Seminars and Meetings for specific sectors and products, along with Spanish gastronomy training programmes

About Us

The Food Consulting team is comprised of a small group of highly motivated and committed professionals.  Well trained, fluent in several languages and with years of experience working together, we are a very skilled and complementary group.. Sepa más sobre nosotros

Food Consulting is the first company to provide specialised consultancy and services for the Spanish food sector and its gourmet products, with special focus on their international perspective and their link to the world of gastronomy
Marta Angulo, Founder