We are living in troubled times in which the lack of ethical values on the part of many financial operators has caused havoc in economic and social situations both in Europe and around the world.  We believe companies have a duty to establish themselves within a framework of values which should govern  their operation and performance.

Our view is that these principles should be applied to professional ethical values as well as to values concerning environmental sustainability and social responsibility,  including the following:

At Food Consulting we combine the values of youth (drive, hope, proactivity…) with those associated with professional maturity (equilibrium, experience, resolve, confidence…) and this is where we are

  • Commitment and loyalty to clients
  • Undertaking work in a responsible, serious manner
  • Fair and balanced quotations arising from an austere approach
  • Honesty and transparency
  • A taste for a job well done, one which will endure
  • Commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible products


We can also point to a number of principles which govern our operating style:

  • Maximum dedication from team members
  • Original, creative approaches
  • Efficient management and organisation
  • Pragmatism:  a focus on achievable projects
  • Strong attention to detail
  • A healthy social climate among working groups
  • Networking, a very wide and well connected network of contacts from which opportunities arise, often exceeding expectations
  • Empathy with various kinds of international environments in which we move comfortably
  • Modern approaches based on current trends