ICEX – Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade

Colaboración Portal Gastronomía del ICEX


In 2006 ICEX initiated the the development of a major portal for Spanish gastronomy.  Food Consulting collaborated on this project in 2006 and 2007, developing specialised                  content on Spanish agri-food sectors and products.  This collaboration covered the    following tasks:

  • Development of a comprehensive and detailed Database of articles mainly published in the ICEX Spain Gourmetour magazine, with a 25 year history, including records on each article published, organised by sector, with a summary of the article, the author’s profile, publication data, comments, etc.
  • Categorisation of sectors and products, from the perspective of international dissemination and promotion, creating a logical index for the organisation of sector and product information.
  • Creation and development of Sector Data Sheets, General Information papers and Fact Sheets on more than 120 products covered by PDO’s, PGI’s and TSG’s
  • Periodic updates of the completed tasks.

Aprendiendo a Exportar con el ICEX APEX

Diagnostics Reports on COMMUNICATION AND POSITIONING for APEX companies (ICES programme “Aprendiendo a Exportar”), since 2010

With our own methodology, Food Consulting creates reports for SME’s in the agri-food sector, assessing the company’s position as regards brand and communication, evaluating the combination of elements in the company’s marketing mix.  These eminently practical reports analyse the company’s positioning and competition, especially from the perspective of export start-up or international presence, and provide a number of conclusions and recommendations for improvements in this area. The Food Consulting team’s thorough knowledge of the Spanish agri-food sectors permits an accurate and rapid interpretation of the company’s position in the market and its potential competitive edge.

These reports have been created on behalf of the Division for Export Initiation and Business Training of ICEX since 2010.

Consultora Pipe ICEX

CONSULTANT / TUTOR for the PIPE programme (Programme for the Internationalisation of SME’s), since 2004

From 2004 to date Marta Angulo, Director of Food Consulting, has collaborated with more than twelve food sector companies in her role as a Consultant for the PIPE programme (the result of a collaboration between ICEX, the Chambers of Commerce and regional bodies for international promotion).  The programme runs for two years with each company, during which time the Consultant must oversee the company’s initial steps into overseas markets, and provide training and support for the modus operandi of its internationalisation process.


Estudio sobre Oferta Exportable del Vinagre para ICEX

Study on Export Offer of Spanish VINAGER sector, 2005


  • In depth analysis of the productive framework of the Spanish vinegar producing sector.
  • Assess the evolution of the sector’s overseas trade in recent years and international competition.
  • Provide a basic “snapshot” of the sector’s current position, conducting a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, Strengths, Opportunities), from the perspective of internationalisation.
  • Properly identify the Export Range.
  • Define the sector’s prospects in the short to medium term.