Alimentaria Exhibitions

Olive Oil Bar

Food Consulting organized once more the Olive Oil Bar for Alimentaria Exhibitions in 2016 and 2018. This tasting area reflected the high momentum of Spanish olive oils, with an increasing Premium quality offer, in search of higher awareness and penetration of international markets.

The area showcased an important number of Extra Virgin oils with renowned prestige obtained in national and international contests, including Jaén Selección 2016 eight prizewinners. In 2018 there was a record of participation with 122 extra virgin olive oils

The Olive Oil Bar succeeded once more in attracting the attention of those visitors with some kind of interest in olive oil. Distributors, importers, purchasing managers, agents, chefs, food professionals, retailers…all visited the Olive Oil Bar to get in touch with the Spanish offer and taste the oils on a easy and comfortable way, without commercial pressure. The Olive Oil Bar was featured in several media, including TVE and other national, local and autonomic channels, as well as in different newspapers and specialized magazines. Guided visits were organized for groups of buyers, food and wine bloggers and several institutions representatives

Vinorum: 50 ROMPEDORES (ground-breaking wines) and the Olive Oil Bar

Following on from VINORUM, which we launched in Alimentaria 2012 under the concept of 50 wines for 2020, Food Consulting once again both conceptualised and organised this area under a fresh, new concept for Alimentaria 2014: 50 ROMPEDORES / Thirsty for Wine. On this occasion we chose to present a range of wines which, in one way or another, are breaking the typical industry molds while enhancing those factors which make them attractive to new consumers as yet reluctant to enter the world of wine.

The wines were selected by a specially formed Tasting Committee made up of experts primarily focussed on new ideas and innovation – a mixture of bloggers, prestigious distributors of wine across different areas and segments, owners of online sales companies…

Furthermore, for what is now the fifth time in a row, Food Consulting also coordinated the Olive Oil Bar, a classic of the Olivaria Show which located within the fair, and highly esteemed by both prospective buyers and trade visitors.  This carefully organised area showcased a wide range of Premium category extra virgin olive oils from Spain, presented for a self-guided tasting experience. This year a record 106 olive oils took part, making the Olive Oil Bar an essential meeting point for those in the sector

Proyecto Taste and Flavours 2012 para Alimentaria


For the 2012 Alimentaria Trade Fair – one of the most important food sector fairs worldwide – Alimentaria Exhibitions commissioned Food Consulting with the organisation of dynamic recreational activities centred on Wine (VINORUM, including the creation of the innovative tasting area 50 for 2020); Olive Oil (the Gourmet Olive Oil Bar), and Ibérico products (the pairings restaurant Ibérico en Compañía), grouped together under the umbrella TASTE & FLAVOURS

Objective: To design a range of activities for the dissemination and promotion of the wine, olive oil and Ibérico sectors, aimed at the trade visitor,  including the participation of exhibitors and their products.

Taste & Flavours comprises several distinct areas:

Ibérico en Compañía RestaurantThis area adapts menus and ingredients to the star products  of Taste & Flavours – Ibérico products, Premium category olive oil and select wines –  in order to achieve the perfect pairing.  A place for experimenting and interaction in which the protagonist is the diner.

Vinorum:  Dedicated to promoting wine, this area is aimed at industry professionals who will be able to taste a special selection of 50 cutting-edge wines from exhibiting wineries, called 50 for 2020. The wines are to be selected by a Tasting Committee made up of five prestigious sommeliers chosen by the UAES, Union of Spanish Sommelier Associations and the Spanish Academy of Sommeliers and Master Sommeliers, coordinated by Food Consulting’s oenologist, Lluis Manel Barba.  A multidisciplinary area for training, learning and the tasting of the best and most innovative wines from exhibiting wineries which have their sights firmly set on the future.

The Gourmet Olive Oil Bar: More than 80 different varieties of extra virgin olive oil will be showcased in this tasting area which once again renews its commitment to excellent quality oils, including the best Premium category oils from Spain.  The Gourmet Olive Oil Bar has become an Alimentaria classic, enjoying constant success since its first edition in 2006.  This area furthermore acts as a catalyst for the Olivaria Show also located within the fair.

Seminars and tastings: A comprehensive and engaging programme of seminars and tastings on current issues related to the sectors present at Taste & Flavours.

proyecto Taste And Flavours 2010 para Alimentaria


In 2010 Alimentaria Exhibitions took the decision to group the activities of the areas known as La España de los AceitesLa España de los Ibéricos and Vinorum together for the first time, under one common concept: TASTE & FLAVOURS OF SPAIN.  Food Consulting was commissioned with the design and organisation of this new space.

The following areas were located in Pavilion 3 of the fair:

1)  Tastings and Seminars Area: with a comprehensive and engaging programme of more than 30 seminars and tastings conducted by national and international experts, focused on the three aforementioned sectors.

2)  “Ibérico en Compañía” Restaurant: conceived as an innovative catering area in which to enjoy Ibérico products cooked and paired with different extra virgin olive oils and select wines.

3) Spanish Wine Tasting Bar:  a new exhibiting and self-guided tasting area aimed at industry professionals, offering a wide range of Spanish wines.

Additionally, the Olivaria Show was the location for the Gourmet Olive Oil Bar which showcased a wide range of Spanish high-end extra virgin olive oils.  A total of 80 oils were  available for tasting, including all four 2009 Ministry of Agriculture award-winning brands.  All the oils were accompanied by a fact sheet.

La España de los Ibéricos para Alimentaria


Organisation of promotional and entertainment activities in La España de los Aceites area: seminars, olive oil tastings, cooking workshops on the uses and pairings of olive oil….  The  staging of the Gourmet Olive Oil Tasting Bar for the second time.   This initiative doubled the number of participants as compared to the first edition at Alimentaria 2006.  On this occasion, with 84 oils from different brands, it becomes one of the most appealing side events at the fair, tangibly reflecting the sector’s vibrancy and energy.

La España de los Ibéricos: organisation of activities for the dissemination and promotion of the Ibérico products sector in the area which was inaugurated  at INTERCARN (the meat and meat products Hall).  Design of a series of workshops based on guided tastings conducted by our expert collaborator Miguel Ullibarri taking a more in-depth look at the distinguishing features of Ibérico ham, in collaboration with the Designations of Origin covering this product.

La España de los Aceites


Organisation of dynamic recreational activities focused on olive oil thus making this area –  La España de los Aceites – a catalyst for the sector’s new Showroom, OLIVARIA.

A series of seminars, tastings and demonstrations on cooking and using the product were held, in Spanish and in English, and received both national and international visitors.

Our expert collaborator, Santiago Botas, conducted several tasting sessions focused on the different olive growing areas and their oils.  In various cooking demonstrations in collaboration with chef Jaume Brichs, they offered guidelines for the use of olive oil and its food pairings.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting Bar was conceived and implemented for the first time in 2006, with the participation of around 40 oils from different brands with the aim of showing visiting industry professionals the groundbreaking range of gourmet quality olive oils produced in Spain.